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65” 75” 86” to 98”

Ultra-narrow bezel design, built-in camera & microphone module integration bezel design, minimalist appearance

Zero gap Bonding technology,low parallax writing and wider viewing angles

3mm anti-glare toughened glass with high haze OC for clearer display against ambient light interference

4K Ultra HD display ,support full channel 4K UI display

Front USB3.0*2 +  on-board USB3.0*2, supports switching with channels

Support for Wireless projection

±1mm High precision infrared touch control for smooth writing

Supports dual pens and dual colour displays for easy multi-person collaboration

Wi-Fi6 support, dual-band 2.4G/5G, AP+STA operating mode

Built-in 6-array microphone and 13 million autofocus camera

Intelligent wake-up for HDMI/VGA/RS232 channels & network signal input in standby mode

One network support, Android and OPS both on Gigabit network

Support network sharing

High level welcome application, enriching the live interactive experience with great fun

Seven industry themed launcher to meet the needs of multiple scenarios

Split screen ,parallel tasks and wider scenes

New hoverball mode for quick customisation of features.

Eye protection, lock screen, touch lock and other tools.

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