At2011, the establishment of the company, Provide Education& Conference Equipment interactive whiteboard, Commercial display to the market, has been generally recognized and praised


For users: serve customers attentively and make human life colorful.

For employees: create development space, improve the value of employees, and improve the quality of work and life.

For the society: promote the healthy development of the cause and serve the progress of social civilization.

Business philosophy:

Sincerity! Realistic! Innovation! High efficiency! Responsibility!


Prefer to lose money, never lose credibility;

Keep improving, treat people sincerely and pragmatically, treat business equally no matter how big or small;

Corporate style:

Serious, responsible, strict, active and efficient

Serious: keep improving and get to the bottom

Responsibility: dare to take responsibility and be responsible to the end

Strict: strict management, strict reward and punishment. Strict with oneself, strict with law, strict in the work process, strict reward and punishment.

Initiative: take the initiative to accept tasks, take the initiative to take responsibility, take the initiative to find problems, and take the initiative to improve.

Efficient: clear work plan, quick response. Finish today and make room for tomorrow.